Educación en Scottish Dolphin Centre

Cuando las escuelas u otros grupos visitan nuestro centro, los niños participan en actividades divertidas y motivadoras, que les permiten disfrutar aprendiendo fuera del salón de clases. Un miembro de el Equipo Educativo de WDC puede visitar su escuela en cualquier momento del año para presentar nuestro programa. Todas nuestras actividades pueden ser adaptadas de acuerdo a las necesidades y edad de la clase.

Our Scottish Dolphin Centre is based in Spey Bay, on the southern shore of the Moray Firth in Scotland. It is the perfect place to find out about the amazing wildlife of this area, including the world famous bottlenose dolphins, otters, seals and osprey.

WDCS’s Education work in Scotland is supported by SNH.

To book any of the sessions below, for further information, or to request a free teachers pack, please contact the Education and Outreach Officer:

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When schools or other groups visit the Scottish Dolphin Centre, the children participate in fun and engaging hands-on activities, and greatly enjoy learning outside of the classroom.

You can visit the centre with up to 50 children to discover the amazing wildlife of Spey Bay, from April to October. Activities last 45 minutes each and run with groups of approximately 12 children. We will provide an adult per group and ask you to do the same.

Activities available include:  

  • Be a Dolphin Scientist
  • River Ramble
  • What Makes a Beach?
  • Fantastic Food Webs
  • Dolphin Diploma
  • Environmental Art Underwater
  • World Beach Clean

Our programme of activities aims to teach children and adults alike about cetaceans, the threats they face, and the work of WDCS. We encourage children to take an active part in conservation, such as making posters to raise awareness or joining a beach clean at Spey Bay.

We have an education room at the Centre that provides an excellent base for school visits and provides an indoor option should the weather take a turn for the worse! Children can make use of the room to eat their lunch and take part in fun interactive activities. 

WDCS does not charge for educational activities, however donations towards costs are gratefully accepted (for a school visit to the centre, we suggest £1 per child). Risk assessments are available on request.


A member of the WDCS Education Team can visit your school at any time of year to deliver our outreach programme. All activities can be tailored to suit the needs and age of the class.

Options include:

  • Dolphin Diploma

WDCS's Dolphin Diploma consists of a fun, interactive presentation followed by creative activity teaching children about the world of whales and dolphins, whilst encouraging them to get actively involved in whale protection. The children are awarded a diploma certificate at the end to recognise their participation.

  • Moray Firth Bottlenose Dolphins Presentation

An interactive, engaging PowerPoint presentation is used to teach children of any age about the bottlenose dolphin population in the Moray Firth, and other whales and dolphins of the world. 

  • Whale and dolphin adaptations presentation for S1

This 50 minute lesson shows children the special adaptations that whales and dolphins have to survive in their underwater environment, and discusses the conservation of the Moray Firth bottlenose dolphins.

  • Experiment Workshop

A series of fun hands-on games and experiments designed to inspire children about the Moray Firth Dolphins. Children work in small groups and rotate around the activities. 


During school holidays we run Wildlife Warriors – a children’s holiday club - at the Scottish Dolphin Centre. With a different environmental theme each week, the children enjoy fun games and activities and many families come back time and again! Throughout the year we hold family events such as beach cleans and fun days to open up the world of whales and dolphins to even more people.